Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hot enough for you?

Cos it's way too hot for me! Ash has been like this all week. We are both too Tasmanian to enjoy this kind of weather. Bring on crisp, Autumn, knitting-friendly weather!

There has been very little knitting lately despite all the wonderful yarn calling to me from the recently expanded stash. I have found work somewhat overwhelming these last two weeks as I get used to taking calls and the relentless pace that goes with them. Also discovered there are definite withdrawal symptoms from lack of Knitting Coven attendance. My plan is a nice plain sock that can be worked on in my lunch break, perhaps with some regia cotton, to get back into the swing of things.

Fifi and Ash

Monday, February 12, 2007

Sock it to 'em

I have returned! with actual finished things!! These are the Thuja socks I made for my mum. They came out a wee bit short, but she assures me they are wonderful anyway. Mums are great, aren't they?

I have finished my first two weeks of training at Anonycorp Call Centre. So far I have learnt not to sexually harass people, not to defraud the company, and about a bazillion arcane codes and regulations. There have also been entertaining videos, including the old favourite: how not to injure yourself in the workplace, and an enthusiastic American dude, with Donald Trump hair, explaining why selling stuff to the customer is good for them. I have finished my opal petticoat socks just in time to wear for goodluck as I take my first calls tomorrow.

I have been kinda tired and haven't got a lot of knitting done, but there has been some stash enrichment (it's not sock yarn, so that's ok right? right..?) Unfortunately my dodgy monitor lied to me. What I thought was a lucious raspberry red was in fact a putrid pink of the one exact shade I HATE!! So if any one wants two skeins of pink Cascade 220, as shown on the right below, please let me know. First in, first served.

ETA: The cascade has found a home. Thanks, Katt!