Thursday, January 11, 2007

Been a long time

I have emerged at last from the depths of the stash after a long holiday. The first strip of the Tweed Throw is done. I have also started a sock - River Rapids from Sockbug in some lovely Knittery merino in Coral Reef colours. If I was doing this again I would probably use a less busy yarn to show up the pattern more. Hopefully I will have some knitting photos soon!

In other good news, it turns out they want me sooner rather than later for my new job. I am starting a month early at the end of January! Today I bought some work clothes and an a new iron (the old one is sadly deceased) in preparation for the big day. I'm so excited I'm counting down the days.

At the last S'n'B meeting, our kind member Caroline gave everyone a knitting noddy for skeining yarn. I'm off to have a go with mine now, so I can do some dyeing this afternoon.

Fifi and Ash