Monday, February 12, 2007

Sock it to 'em

I have returned! with actual finished things!! These are the Thuja socks I made for my mum. They came out a wee bit short, but she assures me they are wonderful anyway. Mums are great, aren't they?

I have finished my first two weeks of training at Anonycorp Call Centre. So far I have learnt not to sexually harass people, not to defraud the company, and about a bazillion arcane codes and regulations. There have also been entertaining videos, including the old favourite: how not to injure yourself in the workplace, and an enthusiastic American dude, with Donald Trump hair, explaining why selling stuff to the customer is good for them. I have finished my opal petticoat socks just in time to wear for goodluck as I take my first calls tomorrow.

I have been kinda tired and haven't got a lot of knitting done, but there has been some stash enrichment (it's not sock yarn, so that's ok right? right..?) Unfortunately my dodgy monitor lied to me. What I thought was a lucious raspberry red was in fact a putrid pink of the one exact shade I HATE!! So if any one wants two skeins of pink Cascade 220, as shown on the right below, please let me know. First in, first served.

ETA: The cascade has found a home. Thanks, Katt!


Anonymous 2paw said...

Oh I love all those video presentations: MrsDrWho had some at school today!! I am glad you will not be sexually harrassing the people you defraud as you injure yourself and others. A day well spent!!! Nice socks all round, the Petticoat and the Thuja!! Nice wool, espcially the green!! Damned monitor, it is really hard to guess the colours sometimes. Noro...Hmmm..

10:19 pm  
Blogger amanda j said...

Hey, welcome back! I thought you might have dropped off the face of the earth, or been swallowed by a headset. I know how that can be. Your socks look great and I am sure they will bring you good luck. Remember you can always hang up! I am dying to try 220, but I am not sure about the colour. My tiny madam would love it!

10:36 pm  
Blogger Jessica said...

Bad Bad monitor. I also ordered some of that cascade 220 and am still deciding how much I like the colour. Yay on getting those socks done and good luck at the call centre.

8:09 am  
Blogger Suzi said...

Ms Stash! It's good to see your back in blog land, perhaps Mr Naughty has been upsetting the moniter again and making everything weird colours. He really is very naughty....

1:42 pm  
Blogger Katt said...

Oh yay! Just when I thought Ash might have killed you in your sleep and was eating you!

Socks look great!

Good luck with phone calls. Hope you dont get many nasties..

We gonna see you next knitting group?

Okies..Give me the details on the Cascade 220 and I might buy it from you..Its cotton right? Ply? Meterage? Cost?


7:56 pm  
Blogger Sharon said...

Lovely socks and yeah Mums never complain they just love it when their daughters make them something.

Don't you hate it when the colour on the monitor turns out to be totally different :(

Hope we get to see you on Tuesday.

4:56 pm  

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