Thursday, December 21, 2006


Ok, I know I said I wasn't posting again till after Christmas, but there have been DEVELOPMENTS!!

They called about the job. There were only eight places in the January intake and I wasn't one of them. Then..they said they wanted me for February!

Roll on the new year! Ok, I have finished sharing now.

p.s. Terry Pratchet may believe that multiple exclamation marks are a sign of a deranged mind but some occasions obviously merit an exception! Like this!!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas on the silkroad

Look what's arrived!! As an early christmas present for myself I have bought the last nine balls of Silkroad Tweed Aran for my throw(scroll to the bottom of the page). I found the best price at Yarns Galore. I haven't bought from them before but they were really nice and my parcel arrived promptly.

I'm so excited, I have finished the first square already. It's pretty quick to knit on 5mm needles. Here it is reclining in my parent's backyard. This feels like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Warning: Non-tea drinkers may want to skip this bit

I have had a few misadventures with Tea this week. On Friday I went to Hobart for work and we dropped into Starbucks. It was sweltering hot on the way down so I was in serious need of refreshment and eagerly ordered a large iced tea. Guess what arrived? A cup of cold water and ice with four tea bags in it. Not sweetened or anything. Ew! They charged me about $3 for that travesty!!

Since then I have been trying some different herbal teas at home and right now I'm drinking Liptons Ginseng and Lime. I can't say I'm wild about the taste although it's growing on me, but the ginseng does seem to perk me up. However, I am a bit dubious about its claim to Lime as a close inspection of the ingrediants show orange peel and lemon peel but only something called Lime "Flavour" right at the end. I suspect something dodgey out of a bottle that has little relation to round, green things that grow on trees.

End of waffling about tea

As this may be my last Blog before the 25th, I would just like to wish a merry Christmas to all my awesome readers and fellow S'n'Bers. Happy holidays and happy knitting!

Thursday, December 14, 2006


The other day we swapped Secret Santa gifts at my SnB. I received a gorgeous Log Cabin rug from Sharon. Thankfully, since I don't have a camera at the moment, you can admire it over there. I gave my pal a simplified version of Craftaholic's Mermaid mittens in the new merino cashmere sock yarn from the Knittery. Pomotamus is a really fun pattern, even if it requires my full attention, and I can't wait to make myself something in it.

Now I have started another secret project for Christmas but have run into trouble. It uses fishermans rib in one part which is basically k1 k1b till end then repeat the row. K1b here stands for knit into the stitch below and, after checking some instructions on the internet, I think I'm doing this part right but the pattern does not look like the photograph?! Any advice?

Thanks to everyone for the good wishes job wise. The interview actually went well and the interviewer was really friendly and lovely. I guess it is not their job to scare people after all! The final stage is some group activities next week. We will find out on the day whether we have been succesful. Fingers crossed!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

A job hunting we will go...

What a crazy week!! After finishing school last week you might think I'd be relaxing and catching up on my knitting. Instead I have had extra hours at work (which means extra money, so not all bad) a marathon testing session for a call centre job, another unrelated job interview and tomorrow I have the interview stage for the call centre thing. Apparently I did really well on the tests but there was some concern about my less than impressive resume. I imagine this will mean some interrogating on that topic tomorrow. Eeek!
Next week I'm taking a break no matter what. Oh, and I will try to catch up on everyone's blogs..I haven't forgotten you all!