Saturday, November 25, 2006

My David Attenborough moment

Today I saw a Blue Tongue lizard in the yard. It was stripey like a Tiger Snake. No one else seemed to understand how exciting it was. I tried to get a photo but it just looks like a twig because I took it from so far away. I wasn't game to get too close because my Uncle used to have one as a pet and my mother insists it bit peoples toes; also it was very still, so I was afraid it was dead and being feasted apon by creepy crawlies, which would have been icky and spoiled the moment.

Fifi and Ash
In our natural habitat

P.S. It's also my Dad's 60th birthday today. He doesn't generally read the blog but still - happy birthday!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tolerance Day - are you feeling warm and fuzzy yet?

I spent today out at Westbury where they were celebrating Tolerance Day. They had decorated the railings outside with lots of bright scarves! They were mostly just garter or stocking stitch but in cheery colours and they looked very effective. I'm sorry I didn't have a camera with me to get some photos. It's always good to see knitting out there!

We were promoting our little anonymous community group and I went around with a couple of the guys who need some extra help. A nice lady from the Corner showed us how to make stress balls with balloons and rice, and then gave everyone a free condom. Another lady told us all about the health benefits of herbs and how she uses a coffee plunger to make her herbal teas. One recipe had me really intrigued: A raspberry tea you can make in winter - dried raspberry leaves and about half a dozen frozen berries. I didn't get anymore specifics so I don't know if you'd need to sweeten it or not.

In the afternoon a group of African ladies came outside to dance and drew quite a crowd. One had her baby strapped to her back with colourful fabric who seemed content to sleep through the whole thing. After a while some other people joined in including this old dude who started tentatively bopping along to the side and was promptly pulled into a conga line by one of the ladies! It was just one of those genuinely lovely moments.

Then I got home to some GREAT news!! Congrats Suzi!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Well, have I been a bad blogger. I'm in my last month at TAFE at the moment so I have a whole bunch of assignments and tests to get through before freedom! FREEDOM!

As for knitting, I'm working on completing some second socks and a TOP SECRET project for December, which I can't possibly tell you about. No, really. Fingers crossed, I will get it done in time. There has also been some stash acquiring. I managed to get 9 balls of Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed for about $45 on Ebay. I have had my heart set on making a throw of hers, just because of the colours, ever since I saw it but haven't been able to afford it. Unfortunately I still need another 9 balls, but now I know about it, I will keep an eye on Ebay and hopefully get lucky again!

Otherwise nothing exciting is happening. I have taken up gardening (along with knitting and sudoko, I think this makes me an honourary middle aged person!!) and have a motley collection of herbs and a tomato plant, in pots on my porch, and snow peas in hanging baskets. Miss Darkside just gave me a chilli plant as well. She is hoping to enjoy the culinary benefits I think. This is overly optimistic, as I have a plant killing track record of genocidal proportions.

Fifi and Ash