Thursday, September 21, 2006

Knit Wish List

I am in love with the new knitty!! I have my heart set on Viveka and Ivy(?the wrappy one?) Unfortunately I can't get the yarn they use for Viveka - does anyone know a good substitute I can get locally? Even better if it comes in a bright red like the one pictured! There is some recently aquired Bendigo I could use for Ivy but I think I want something green. Sigh. I sense some expensive stash enrichment coming up!!

I really like the cabled socks as well, but I suspect it would take me until the next ice age to finish them and I have nine pairs worth of sock yarn to knit up before then!


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ash's Travel Diary

Day One

Morning - The journey to Hobart is long and tedious. At Oatlands I am allowed out of the infernal box. A flock of ducks waddles toward the car. I glare out the window most ferociously, but maybe they can't see me with their beady little eyes, as they don't appear intimidated.

Eat part of chicken nugget. Refuse to get back in box.

1:30 - We reach our destination. Refuse to get out of box.

2:30 - After ignoring all coaxing, am brought out to "socialize." Hide behind a basket for several hours. Tell my human with meaningful look, am NOT being timid, am merely keeping dignified distance until feel properly introduced.

Late that night - accidentally shut self in loo and must wait to be rescued. Holiday bit of a bummer so far.

Day Two

3am - Make up for yesterdays confinement by having a good rampage. Manage to knock over several jars and rouse the human looking nicely irritated.

10am - Explore rest of house. Try to eat artificial plant. Not Good! Find bathtub and roll deliriously in it.

1:30pm - Spend rest of afternoon hunting flies. Humans are slightly alarmed by my mighty fly annihilating skills. All hail the ferocious one!!!

Day Three

Morning - Human goes out all day to shop and visit relatives and other trivial things. Brings back pretty mohair yarn but won't let me play with it.

4pm - Catch more flies. Munch a couple but sadly lose a wing and other interesting parts on human's homework. She makes quite unnecessary fuss.

Day Four

Morning - Time to leave. Refuse to get in box. Chase some yummy meatloaf thrown for me. Find self in box. Damn.

Until my next adventure,