Saturday, May 27, 2006

Up Market (updated!)

Edit: I am too lazy to write a new post so I am just adding some new photos to this one.

Last night I finished the armwarmers. They feel very soft and were just the thing to keep me toasty at the market today. Our knitting group has a stall. I dutifully worked on Sharfik while there so I feel no guilt about coming home and starting something new! It's Topi in some varigated Te Awa that's been lurking in the stash for months trying to lure me away from other things. The deep purples in it aren't showing in the photo, it's not really denim like that.

The market was like Paddington station and everyone seemed be there at some point. Ms Darkside kept me company and worked on a mitten. Cindy came by to chat and model her Moebius scarf with it's cool untwistable twist. She assured us it was very easy but despite hearing the explanation several times I still feel I would need diagrams. Many, many diagrams. Sharon was also there in the afternoon as we finally got some sunshine and dethawed somewhat. She was knitting a funky pink sock and sold a pair too. Score!

I am thinking about making a few things for the next one. A month should be long enough, even for me, to get something simple finished. Perhaps mittens or a hottie cover? Sandra D has suggested baby socks with my leftover opal.
Ash has been an unholy terror since I got home but has finally settled down into his favourite spot to watch me blog.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hurry Up Spring, Hurry Up Knitting!

I have started the Hurry Up Spring armwarmers from S'n'B Nation. I love this pattern! The chart bit is so exciting, I tend to rush round the rib part to get back to it. The cabled vine thingy is showing up better now I'm about half way. The photo is from yesterday so it is a bit out of date. It will be great to get them finished so I don't freeze at the bus stop in the mornings.

Sharfik has not been completely abandoned. It's about 80cm now, so the end is in sight. I have made myself promise not to start Clapotis untill it is finished as extra motivation. It's just sooo repetative!

MYOB threw a hissy fit today and lost all my morning's work. I spent the last half hour of class starting all over again and will still be catching up tomorrow. Grrr!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Big Day Out

Today I gamely volunteered to go on a "family drive." We were lured out by the promise of a church fair at Westbury but it turned out to be very disappointing. However we headed on to Deloraine and tried out the new pedestrian suspension bridge over the river. It is not as wobbly as the gorge bridge, which used to terrify me as a child. The water was very pretty, bubbling over the rocks below. We pondered over a mysterious object in the depths for some time before realising it was a rusty shopping trolley on its side. Love to know how that got there! It will probably be dredged up in a few hundred years and considered a fascinating relic of earlier times.

It was quite chilly and Mum put her new mittens to good use (finally finished them!) I took a photo but it turned out boogelly so just picture some navy fingerless mittens here. Seen one pair, seen them all really.

There is an amazing shop there filled with indian clothes, beaded jewellery and every kind of Buddha statue imaginable. I fell in love with a hat. Yes, forgive me, I have sinned and BOUGHT knitwear!! In my defense it is very beautiful and 100% wool and from Nepal AND has tassels!! I am not much for pom pons, but I can't resist tassels.

In another shop window I saw Tasmanian wool socks for $35 a pair! It didn't say whether they were handmade or not but at that price! I thought they looked rather plain too.

Anyway, Ash and I are home again. Hot water was finally fixed yesterday afternoon. Thanks for all the good wishes for school, it went well. It is only four mornings a week so it's not too onerous. Ciao for now!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Ash and I have taken an unexpected holiday as I have no hot water!! I am too pampered to take cold showers in this weather. Hopefully it will be fixed by tomorrow. He is enjoying his palacial new digs in the old dog basket.

I'm starting at TAFE tomorrow as well. I got my textbook today, it weighs a ton! It took them ages to find it, as they only just got them in.

I had a great time at Stitch and Bitch yesterday, and acquired some beautiful yarn. The collective squeal when the sock yarn arrived was priceless. Sadly, it is now at home being luscious without me, so I can't begin anything!

In other knitting news, I got some rosewood needles the other day. I know some people rave over these but they are not working for me. When I got them out of the packet there were two chips out of one! It's also hard to get the stitches off the needle (although that may be the novelty yarn?) and then they make an annoying raspy sound when I knit! Perhaps they will grow on me?

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Yesterday I woke up with a nasty cold. I shuffled off to an all day workshop anyway. I was early and got my sock out, only to discover I've lost the fourth needle somewhere! So no knitting.

Since then I have been too busy moping and snuffling to do anything useful. So still no knitting! I haven't got any new photos either so these boring before and during dye photos will have to do.

The beige crinkly stuff is patons new yorker. It's 40% Alpaca/60% acrylic, so I wasn't sure it would dye but it came out a lovely light grass green. I have five balls of the stuff, so when it's all done I plan to make a wrap.

OK, I promise to be more interesting next time...

Friday, May 12, 2006

Random stuff...

I have not done much knitting or blogging this week as I have been quite busy with the local arts group I do some admin work for. Still, on Tuesday Ms Darkside and I went op shopping. I scored 12 balls of cleckheaton 8ply for $8.80! Seven balls are purple crepe and may go to feed the stash rug if I can't think of anything else. The rest are a rich red and I am thinking of making Topi and perhaps matching mittens.

I also found a couple of old pattern books. They are both full of ugly patterns but one had some pages of stitch patterns and the other had a basic sock pattern and a crochet deerstalker.

I picked a Honeycomb Aran pattern from the first book and started a new square for the rug. Mum has done a few plain squares for me so far, so I asked Suzi if she'd like to do one. She muttered something about skulls and "Maybe when all my other UFOs are done..." so I won't hold my breath!

I have done some dyeing as well, so I'll try and get some photos over the weekend.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Adventures with yarn

Hi There!

Ms Darkside has finally nagged me into getting a blog. Still I must thank her for helping me with all the buttons and other blog thingamajigs. I'm used to being the geeky one in the family.

I have finished the hottie cover just in time for the colder nights. Turns out I should not be let loose in spotlight unsupervised, as I managed to buy two balls from different dye lots. When I joined in the second ball it was a completely different colour sequence. It took some fiddling and sewing in of lots of ends but I got both sides to match. I think the obsessive sock knitters at my SNB have been a bad influence.

Also I have been experimenting with food dye. It's much easier than I expected. You just squish the colour into the yarn then zap it in the microwave. I love the result but since I just used leftover yarn there wasn't enough to knit anything substantial. So I made do with the phone cosy from Stitch and Bitch.

Thanks for the kind comments. Glad Ash didn't scare anyone away!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Under Construction

We're not open yet! No peeking! Come back soon!